December 2012:______________________________________________________

BLUE STONE on its « occitane » land…

During one month (30th of november – 26th of december 2012) and for the third year running, we were present at the Xmas market in Toulouse, right on the place du Capitole.

A great thank you to our customers, visitors and friends, who have testified and confirmed their ongoing interest and loyalty to our jewels and creations


la lettre d'information de l'actualité Blue Stone

September 2012:_____________________________________________________

marché créateurBlue Stone in Baux de Provence
la promotion de la creation        

During three days, we exhibited and presented our collection of silver jewels and fine stones, such as the Larimar, the Amber, the Coral… and also our new creations with cultural and Tahiti pearls !



June 2012 : ________________________________________________________

A rare, precious and unique jewel. The larimar heart, tainted with the turquoise blue of the Caribbean sea.
The different designs of the Blue Stone heart are available in all our retailers stores


The Marquage association     la promotion de la creation    organized a partnership with
France Bleu Gard Lozère   
and the town Aigues-Mortes     ville d Aigues-Mortes

a Creator’s Market, on the 2nd and 3rd of June 2012, inside the bulwarks (Porte de la Gardette) : Jewels and Treasures of Camargue

Blue Stone  could not refuse this invitation and presented its creations and collections of jewels and fine stones (Larimar, Amber, Black Coral, Pearls…), bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, hearts, crosses, animals, suns, tendency, ambiant, cameo, nature, fantasia…

May 2012 : ___________________________________________________________

As part of the
Fair Trade two-week event of international solidarity,
designed to heighten awareness of all citizens regarding responsible consumption, the organization 3 SIFAKAS set up a fair trade market, « Marchés du Monde » (markets of the world) in Béziers,  on the 26th of May 2012, to enhance the diversity of the Fair Trade products.

It was on this occasion that we presented the craftwork of the Dominican Republic (Larimar, Amber and Black Caribbean Coral), and our collections of silver jewels, larimar, amber and black coral


On the 19th of May, Blue Stone presentes its 2012 collections and its last creations of silver jewels, larimar, amber and black coral.
A beautiful day dedicated to art and craftwork creations, organized by the MARQUAGE organization (which promotes contemporary creation) on the famous Parvis de la Maison Carrée, in Nimes.


Blue Stone comes back home !

We were able to meet new clients and present fashion’s new trends and our new jewel collections in Larimar, Amber and Black Caribbean Coral during the « Well-Being » trade show in Toulouse on the 11th, 12th and 13th of May 2012.




April 2012 : __________________________________________________________

Blue Stone also established its presence in the North of France and Belgium during the show in Lille from the 21st to the 29th of April 2012.

Our national and European development goes on.
We are currently selecting some professionals (jewelers, specialized retailers) in the region Nord-Pas-De-Calais and in Belgium……

Blue Stone and Larimar-Island reveal the Larimar secrets…

March 2012 :


February 2012 : ______________________________________________________



2011 retrospectives :

Florence & Lionel in Saint Domingue

Back from Santo Domingo, we started our Blue Stone International project in France over two years ago.
We owe our success and development to all of you, and at the beginning of this year 2012 wish to present our special thanks to :

Our parents, children, associates, partners and Dominican craftsmen, commercial directors, professional distribution parters (jewelers and traders) who joined the family this year.

We would also like to thank all our clients which we met during our exhibitions and trade shows all over France, but also those who discovered our jewels and stones in a boutique, a jeweler, or online through our partners… …

And finally a special message for the Cigares&Cie club in Toulouse, Buro Conseils Toulouse, Philippe P. from the Banque Courtois, Stéphane P. from Sylvius, Camille and Mélanie from Midi-Pyrénées Active, Karine and Franck our friends from Las Terrenas, Cécile from Santo Domingo, Pascale and Joël our cousins from the North, our friends Eric and Laurence, our cousins and aunts Ondine, Pricilia and Marie-Claude, for their hospitality. And finally a message for Régine, the « poor » Yves, Olive and Karim, Yoyo, and of course all the people who supported and encouraged us in many ways.

Florence & Lionel